Snapshot: Obelisk Consultant Esther Booth, 10 Years PQE

“By freelancing I find things that are interesting but also have variety by switching clients reasonably frequently”

How long have you been with Obelisk?
I joined in 2015. After a 3 year career break, I returned as a freelance lawyer when our second child was 9 months old. My first role through Obelisk was as a corporate lawyer for a major multi-national company in the engineering sector.

How do you work with clients?
I’m able to work part time with a mix of working at the client’s office and working remotely. I chose these methods of working as it suits me better; being able to work more hours without wasting time commuting and also to spend more time with my children. What has been interesting is that I have been able to work in this way across different clients and practice areas.

How has your career developed?
I was originally in City private practice, then in a full time in-house role. For now I think I will probably continue to freelance as it is very flexible – if I feel I have too much or too little to do, I can adjust my hours from contract to contract which is invaluable at this stage of our family’s life. Working as a freelancer has allowed me to find things that are interesting but also have variety by switching clients reasonably frequently.  I also don’t feel worried about committing to a permanent job for a long period which might not suit me in the longer term as the demands of having a young family change.

How do you feel the legal profession is changing?
The market has changed hugely!  When I started my maternity leave for my first child I couldn’t work out how there would be a way to go back to work as a lawyer (even as an in-house lawyer) that didn’t involve commuting, a major time commitment, and probably some rather uninspiring work. Now you can work for credible companies, continue to get good experience and develop and broaden your skills plus with the added bonus of remote and part-time work too.