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Friday Live: Confidence Boost

How to Hit the Ground Running with Confidence.

To kick off our programme of Friday Live events for 2015 we were joined by Talent Liberator Rachel Brushfield, who came to deliver a workshop to Obelisk lawyers on the common causes of lack of confidence and how you can learn to manage and defeat your ‘gremlins’. These things are particularly important for those returning to work after a career break, or for those trying a new way of working, in a new environment.

Rachel kicked off the session by asking everyone in the room to share what they wanted to get out of the session. Answers ranged from those wanting to become more confident at public speaking, some wanting the confidence to try new things, and others wanting to learn how to ‘fake’ confidence in an unnerving situation. The root of all of these anxieties have a common denominator: a key human drive is not being rejected, and our fear of rejection can often cause stress and under-confidence, thus making us under-perform in the workplace. So how can we counter this problem?

Confidence is often more visual than we anticipate, and there is a huge correlation between our body language and what this projects to others about our confidence. A great tip from Rachel was to remember a time you felt confident, in particular when having a positive experience at work, which will automatically reflect itself positively in the way you hold and present yourself – a way of engendering confidence when feeling a little less than sure of yourself.

Conversely, thinking about a negative working experience will also reflect physiologically, so it’s especially important to banish those gremlins reminding you of less than positive working experiences. So here are some top tips from Rachel on how to rid yourself of these doubtful voices:

  • Train your mind to see the good in everything; think about your blessings rather than your problems
  • Learn about different personality types so you can understand and handle people who can undermine your confidence
  • Spend time each day reflecting on what went well
  • Create case studies as a permanent record of your success
  • Cull negative and overly critical people from your life

As demonstrated by this session, many people are their own harshest critic. We are often our own barrier to success, and if we can overcome this then we will spend much less time worrying about what we are doing, and much more time actually doing it well.

By Kitty

Kitty joined Obelisk Support as an intern to work on the First 100 Years project. She graduated with a classics degree from University College London and now manages resourcing and works on engagement with the Obelisk Lawyer community.