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Winter fur-fur-fashion

Anyone who has been to one of Obelisk’s Refresher Courses for women looking to return to their career in law will know that fashion is a big thing in the Attic.

Dressing for success is a key part of preparing to return to work; from feeling confident about yourself to making the right, first impression.

That’s why we like to keep a close eye on the fashions we see on the street in and around Farringdon – home of the Attic, and some very cutting edge creative types – and what the in-crowd are wearing on the pages of the top magazines.

With Winter approaching – hold on, just looking out the window now – with Winter pulling up and about to step out of the taxi, here’s the Attic’s guide to this year’s Winter look.

  1. The Fur Stole
  2. The Fur Scarf
  3. The Blazer
  4. Fur again, this time the Fur Clutch
  5. The Trench (this is going to be huge this Winter, you heard if first here)
  6. Beanie hats
  7. Black and white prints are in
  8. Head-to-toe sequins are in too for evening wear (very 1920s Hollywood)
  9. Full length velvet dresses
  10. Arctic Fur with Eskimo-style hoods (you apparently can’t have too much fur this winter)

As ever, be sure to select the right colour that suits your skin tone, your hair and your eyes. Match the clothes you buy to your body shape too. And think about the message you are sending out with the colours you wear. With temperatures about to drop, I would usually say wrap up warm, but with all that fur flying around, I don’t think that’s necessary this winter.

By The Attic

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