Obelisk In Action

Here’s to 2015 – A Good Year

Like a good bottle of red wine, Obelisk Support just gets better and better with age. And like a healthy baby, we are constantly learning, developing and taking bigger and braver steps. Ever since we set out five years ago, despite economic downturns and the usual reluctance to change – especially in a sector defined by traditions – our innovative concept and inspiring company has enjoyed continued success. And as you know, here at Obelisk we judge success by much more than just the 200% growth, year on year. But I must say, 2015 has been special – a golden year for Obelisk – with successes in so many areas.

That’s why we’ve made this short video, celebrating what we’ve achieved together over the last 12 months – you, me and everyone within the Obelisk family. With momentum like this, we’re all really looking forward to 2016. So, thank you – for making Obelisk such a success, and 2015 such a good year. Enjoy the video … it flies by, just like 2015 really.

By Jeremy

Jeremy Hopkins joined Obelisk in June 2015 as Client Relationship Manager. Jeremy brings an impressive background in business development, marketing and project management. Before joining Obelisk, Jeremy worked at Clerkingwell Consulting, Riverview Law and St John's Chambers. He is also a regular writer and presenter on legal practice, careers and the evolving legal services market.