Here’s to 2015 – A Good Year

Like a good bottle of red wine, Obelisk Support just gets better and better with age. And like a healthy baby, we are constantly learning, developing and taking bigger and braver steps. Ever since we set out five years ago, despite economic downturns and the usual reluctance to change – especially in a sector defined by traditions – our innovative concept and inspiring company has enjoyed continued success. And as you know, here at Obelisk we judge success by much more than just the 200% growth, year on year. But I must say, 2015 has been special – a golden year for Obelisk – with successes in so many areas.

That’s why we’ve made this short video, celebrating what we’ve achieved together over the last 12 months – you, me and everyone within the Obelisk family. With momentum like this, we’re all really looking forward to 2016. So, thank you – for making Obelisk such a success, and 2015 such a good year. Enjoy the video … it flies by, just like 2015 really.