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This week’s Agony Aunt Question

This week’s question for the Agony Aunt is: “I’m thinking about going freelance, but is this a bad move for my career?”

It’s a burning question, especially for men – after recent research shows working freelance, flexibly or part-time can lead some unhappiness, brought about by how society and employers respond to them.

Men who shift from full-time work to flexible working – because of child care, or wanting to get out of the rat race – can be seen as lacking ambition or not being committed to their careers.┬áThis out-dated view of flexibly working fails to see the many positive benefits that flexible working bring for both individual members of the team and the business overall. Research carried out by Vodafone into the rise of flexible working in ten countries around the world, including the UK, makes an overwhelming case for flexible working;

  • 80% of the organisations that have embraced flexible working said it had led to a boost in productivity
  • 61% reported an increase in profits
  • 58% saw their company’s reputation enhanced

Making work, work for you, your employer and your family is not a compromise. It is a human, strategic and successful way to shape your career in the 21st Century. It is the future.

So, send me your thoughts and experiences of going freelance. Is it a bad career move?

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