Celebrating Chinese New Year with AnagrammAttic

It’s time to brush up on your Mandarin and Cantonese, as we launch one of our new features for 2016; AnagrammAttic.

This weekly word game is designed to search out the ultimate wordsmiths in the Obelisk family – like Countdown, for lawyers.

We know that the best lawyers around pride themselves above all else on their commercially exquisite use of words – especially the printed word on page or screen, whether in a simple email or the most complicated of contracts.

Your words set you apart. They are your one true currency, and your most valuable asset. This new word game is here to help you refine your repertoire.

So, let’s get started. And please send your suggestions for the next AnagrammAttic word.

To celebrate Chinese New Year 2016, we have chosen a word that helps keep evil spirits away.



Nigel Brook9 points
Jonathan Maas9 points
Lucinda9 points
Shazia Anwer9 points
David Williams9 points
Sarah Hemsley9 points
Naz9 points
Grant Codron9 points
Steph Balsya9 points
Gabor Kovacs9 points
niul dillon hatcher9 points
Scott Jones9 points
Andrew Wilshaw9 points

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