Celebrating Chinese New Year at Obelisk

Every year it’s Obelisk tradition to celebrate Chinese New Year. This is China’s most important festival – dedicated to work and family; the two foundation stones here at Obelisk.

The celebrations for Chinese New Year begin on February 8 – kick-starting a host of dragon dances, family reunions and decorations, with one colour dominating the proceedings; red.

Also known as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year looks back on, and forward to, another twelve months of hard work and productivity. After all the effort that you have put in, Chinese New Year is a way to celebrate your success and relax with your family.

And, looking forward, the festival brings you the luck you need to enjoy another productive and prosperous new year.

In China, people believe that a feel good factor at the start of the new year will bring about another good year.

The tradition comes from China’s farming history, when people celebrated the end of the farming year and looked forward to the next good harvest.

Today, Chinese New Year marks the start of a new business year, with business owners and entrepreneurs wishing that productivity and profits will rise in the twelve months ahead.

At Obelisk, we love and support this celebration of both family and work. As a business dedicated to making work work for our clients, our consultants and their families, the values of Chinese New Year chime perfectly with our own.

Looking ahead to 2016, Obelisk is wishing for more great things after a very productive 2015. Last year, growth went up by 200%, Obelisk made The Times Top 50 Employers for Women, Dana Denis-Smith – Obelisk’s founder and CEO – was named Innovator of 2015 by Legal Week and the business won Investors In People. So, let’s celebrate family and work and all the rewards they bring.

“Happy Chinese New Year” from Obelisk.

Chinese New Year Sayings:

Xīnnián hǎo and Guònián hǎo – Happy New Year

Hóunián jíxiáng – good luck for this Monkey year

Héjiā xìngfú – happiness for the whole family

Shìyè yǒuchéng – success in your career

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