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Streamline Your Flexible and Remote Working: How We Use CoSchedule

At Obelisk, we practice what we preach. Each member of staff in the office has the option to work part-time and remotely, to create a work-life balance that works for them. We have a variety of technical tools to streamline different tasks, making our work more sustainable and efficient. One of those tools is the drag-and-drop content calendar CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is a content creation and scheduling tool, with the huge bonus of social media integration, meaning you can write, schedule, and publicise via social media all in the same place. CoSchedule can be accessed via WordPress plugin, and then integrated with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest accounts for seamless social media promotion.

As Marketing Associate here at Obelisk, it’s entirely possible for my day to be eaten up by writing and analysing social media messages, rather than engaging with the conversations our audience is having in real-time. As such, I’ve found the CoSchedule WordPress plugin to be an extremely valuable tool when it comes to scheduling all my WordPress content and related social promotion in one fell swoop, allowing me to get on with my actual job while maintaining a part-time working pattern.

CoSchedule has inbuilt analytics systems in place, allowing its users to see the engagement their content is receiving in real-time. There are also helpful tools such as the recently implemented headline analyser, which uses its plentiful data to analyse how irresistibly clickable your content will be based on it’s headline (and gently guide you in the right direction when it’s not.)

Our Wednesday Live article got a B+ for its headline!
Our Wednesday Live article got a B+ for its headline!

CoSchedule also works as a transparent record of Obelisk’s content output, allowing other members of the team to log in and see which direction our content creation efforts are going in, as well as sending weekly email reminders to let us know how we’re performing in terms of output and engagement compared to previous weeks.

When our engagement numbers start to flag, it’s good to know CoSchedule’s training videos, free resources, blog, and excellent customer service team are always there. At Obelisk, we’ve found their online headline analyser and free 180+ power words really helpful in communicating our message and ethos to our audience of flexibly-working consultants.

As Obelisk’s team grows, so does the number of online tools we use to manage our time and measure our success. Luckily, we’re yet to find a tool that can’t be integrated with CoSchedule, as it has everything from Evernote to Google Docs covered.

For those of you also working part-time hours or working remotely, CoSchedule is a great tool to manage your personal promotion, whether you’d like to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, or simply expand your professional network. It saves a huge amount of time, and yields far better results due to its intuitive scheduling and analytics.

By Debbie Tembo

Debbie is Obelisk Support's Client Relationship Associate, ensuring clients get the most out of flexible working and the Human First ethos.