Snapshot: Rebecca Hayes, Obelisk Consultant

“I wanted to develop something of my own and have a new adventure”

What is your background?

I worked at Linklaters in their Employment department – I was office based and worked full time and then worked four days a week after I had my children.  In 2009, I decided to take a break from the legal profession and retrain and work as an interior designer.  This was easier to manage around my young children.  I worked for myself on a freelance basis; I wanted to develop something of my own and have a new adventure.

Why was Obelisk attractive to you and your situation?

I thought that it would be a great way for me to continue with my interior design business as well as utilising the many years of legal experience that I had acquired.  The flexible approach offered also fits with my family commitments. I found Obelisk to be the most innovative of the companies I approached.  I could relate to their vision and they are very supportive.

How do you work with clients and how is your week structured?

I have one on-going contract in which I work in the Employee Relations department for a global business travel company.  I support the Director of Employee Relations EMEA, predominantly on UK employment law matters, and work two days a week in the office at Canary Wharf with one day from home. I am very much part of the team. It was my choice to work part time as working part time enables me to continue with my interior design practice.

How do you feel your career has developed since working for Obelisk? What has it enabled you to do differently from working conventionally full-time?

I have gained invaluable skills in working for the business – understanding client issues and adopting practical solutions to issues which arise. Working this way has enabled me to carry on using and developing my legal professional skills and combine this with my other passion for interior design.

How has the legal services market changed over the course of your professional career?

Part-time working is more accepted now in the legal sector.  Legal services providers, such as Obelisk, represent a new more responsive approach to offering and providing legal services in a highly competitive and cost-driven market whilst enabling lawyers to carry on using their training and experience in a different way.

What do you feel is the most valuable advantage you can offer clients as an Obelisk consultant?  

Engagement – I’m doing this because I want to. Also my depth of and varied experience – both city law firm experience and the experience of running my own business.