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Snapshot: Adriana Collins, Obelisk Consultant

“I have come closer than ever to my ideal life-work balance and that’s thanks to Obelisk”

What did you do before joining Obelisk?

I was working for small businesses on an ad-hoc remote basis, mostly in connection with commercial law, especially in the IT industry and to a lesser extent company law matters. When I got in touch with Obelisk about a year ago, I was looking for a change: I wanted to work more hours, with larger businesses and if possible, venture away from my comfort zone. This is exactly what Obelisk was able to offer me.

How has joining changed your working life?

Joining Obelisk changed my work life completely in a very positive way. For me, one of the hardest things about being a freelancer was ensuring a constant flow of new business, not to mention the issues with chasing payment! These are time-consuming and, more often than not, frustrating processes. Obelisk took care of all that and more.

Tell us about the work you do with clients:

I was fortunate enough to start my first engagement only a few weeks after joining and I have worked for the same client in two different roles since then. Both experiences have been extremely positive and I am grateful for all that have learned in the past few months. When you’re a ‘lone wolf’, the other lawyers you meet tend to be on the other side of the negotiating table so it’s been great to be part of an in-house team again and be able to share ideas and discuss issues without the adversarial angle.

How much flexibility do you have?

In my current role, the initial agreement was for a 3-month full-time placement on the client’s offices in London, which was just about how long I thought I could cope commuting on a daily basis and juggling childcare at the same time. When the opportunity for an extension came up, I was able to negotiate a couple of days working from home, which enabled me to continue to do a job which I love and still be able to spend more time with my kids during the week – not to mention the ability to claw back some of those hours spent on the move. The client was extremely understanding of my need to be at home more often. My manager actually said: “Working flexibly, isn’t that what Obelisk is all about?” I couldn’t agree more. Over the past year, I have come closer than ever to my ideal life-work balance and that’s thanks to Obelisk.

By Kayleigh Ziolo

Kayleigh Ziolo has a background in magazine publishing and is writer and Commissioning Editor at Obelisk. She specialises in the subjects of workplace wellbeing, flexible working practices and gender equality.