Snapshot: Sobia Choudary, Obelisk Consultant

The latest in our series of Snapshot stories, Obelisk Consultant Sobia Choudary tells us why she wanted to work differently as a lawyer…

Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve been working with Obelisk.

I am a corporate lawyer specialising in Mergers and Acquisitions. I trained and qualified with a City Law Firm before going in-house and then took a career break for a few years to have my two young children.  I wanted to return to work on a flexible basis so joined Obelisk who have placed me into suitable roles.

What role are you currently in?

I’m currently in an Obelisk-placed role within the M&A team of a London-based PLC, working alongside their legal counsel.  I’ve been with this client since February 2017, having been able to take off the summer to spend time with my family.

Why did you decide to become a freelance lawyer?

As the primary carer for my children, I really needed my work to fit around them and, at one point, did consider being a full-time mum long-term. However, I decided I wanted to re-join the working world and just needed to figure out how I could do that whilst retaining caring for my children as my top priority.  Obelisk offered me the flexibility that I needed.

Do you have a view about flexibility in legal services?

Absolutely. I think it’s great when people are able to make flexible working actually work and the more people that are able to demonstrate this, the more encouragement there is for others to seek flexible working patterns. When an organisation is able to successfully offer and accommodate this, it’s a fantastic thing and works for everybody. With my current role, I joined in February 2017 and initially worked from both the office and remotely for the first few months.  Following my return from a break for summer school holidays, I now work almost entirely remotely in order to be able to work around caring for my children.

What is your favourite aspect of working as a freelance lawyer?

For me it’s the team that I work within; the person I report to in my current role is fantastic to work with.  Working is not just about the work I do but about the people that I work alongside, so for me, the highlight of my day is getting to work with someone who is a very capable lawyer but still retains that human quality of being a mother with a hectic, active family life – someone who clearly understands the pressures many of us face to have it all and juggle it all.

What’s been your experience of Obelisk?

I have had a really good experience. The roles that I have been placed into have been a good fit for me and I trust Obelisk to have a good understanding of what I require from a role and approach me with potential positions that would be suitable for me.