Dana Denis-Smith Finalist for Working Mums Top Employer Award 2017

We are proud to announce that Dana Denis-Smith, CEO of award-winning alternative legal services company Obelisk Support, is shortlisted for the Working Mums Top Employer Award 2017, in the Working Mums Champion Award category.

The Working Mums Champion Award is for stand-out individuals whose efforts have made a big difference to working mums in the workplace.

Potential recipients of this Award would include:

– individuals or organisations who have come up with innovative ideas to help women overcome potential barriers to career progression

– senior or middle managers who have set up a parent support forum, put forward innovative proposals for areas such as maternity leave and return to work or introduced mentoring schemes for women.

– individuals who have championed the recruitment and retention of working mums through specific initiatives or in public forums.

Other shortlisted champions are:

We congratulate all participants for their achievements and wish them all the best.